Gary Jamieson Is The New Equal Challenge Champion in Newport Beach

Equal Challenge -Newport Beach - Ken Dewhirst and Gary Jamieson

Ken Dewhirst and Gary Jamieson


Great matches last Wednesday with 12 participants, all from different cities from Orange County, and all of them with one goal in common: “The Equal Challenge Title”

Like them. you can also come and participate the following Wednesday at 7:00 pm.

If you have a paddle and you can hit the ball you are ready to compete.  After all, how cool is it to make table tennis friends in a table tennis club?

So if you play table tennis or ping pong, don’t wait…come and participate this Wednesday at 7:00 pm in the Newport Beach Table Tennis Club against our Equal Challenge Champions.  Every week we have new ones and you could be the next one.

We also want to welcome all the new participants, and we look forward to seeing them again.

  • Kim Andrews
  • Nas Zakari
  • Kia Kiani
  • Yusen Chen
  • Mike Dolan

It was a busy day with very interesting matches in every table.  The game between Tim Stephens and Ken Dewhirst is becoming a classic match in the club.  Don’t you agree?  You have to see them competing side by side…neither one of them gives up.

Kim Andrews will come with the proper equipment this Wednesday, and we really appreciate his positive comments about our Tournament.

Nas Zakari almost won!  Good luck next time!

Kia Kiani has already reserved a spot for this Wednesday, so be careful as he will be trying his best this time!  Thanks for the fabulous comments in our Meetup Page!

Yusen Chen, we believe, will be practicing a little more…if time allows him.

Mike Dolan will be practicing his serves and receiving skills.

With all these aspects, Gary Jamieson, a first-timer participating in the Equal Challenge Tournament, brought all his skills to the table, and as a result, he played in the final with a group of three and he became the brand new Equal Challenge Champion.

Now Gary is eligible to participate in the Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot…this week the accumulated is $110…click here for details

See you this Wednesday!

Can Gary Jamieson win the tournament for a second time?  Come and challenge our latest Equal Challenge Champion!