Full House Last Wednesday In Newport Beach Table Tennis Club

Newport Beach Ping Pong Tournament

Shehantha Jehan and Fafa Liao

If you miss this day, you miss a very fun event, the presents 20 players play a lot of matches with high intensity in every match. But don’t worry…luckily we run this tournament every Wednesday night, so you can come the following one or any other Wednesday night. Just make sure to arrive around 6:30 PM so you can warm up and reserve your spot.

For now we can host a maximum of 20 players at after 7:00 PM we cannot accept more entries, if not we’ll not be respectful with players who come early, mark your calendar and make sure to arrive around 6:30 PM

We want to welcome to the new players who considered the Equal Challenge will be a good experience and hopefully you enjoy the tournament much as we do

  • Bruce Kasra
  • Vijay Pay
  • Darrin Ginsberg
  • Travis Graijan
  • Shehantha Jehan
  • Alex Godinez

With a full house night and a golden rule of minimum four matches by player, we made two groups of five players, and four groups of three players. For the second round we made six more groups of three players.

From this second stage will advance just the winner of each group to the single elimination bracket, but before to go into more details we have to choose the match of the night.

Match of the night

We saw many great matches all night long and here they are…congratulations to all of them!

  • Quan Nguyen against Mari Husted 3-2
  • Wesley Snyder against Marcelo Perez  3-2
  • Andre Pasquarelli against Kuei Chen 3-2

Quarter Finals

  • Wesley Snyder defeated Tony Kovacs 3-1
  • Shehantha Jehan defeated John Carpenter 3-0
  • Andre Pasquarelli defeated Kuei Chen
  • Fafa Liao defeated Haned Ettehadi


  • Shehantha Jehan defeated Wesley Snyder 3-2
  • Fafa Liao defeated Andre Pasquarelli 3-0

Newport Beach Table Tennis Final

Fafa Liao defeated Andre Pasquarelli 3-1

Congratualtions Fafa! You are elegible to play our Equal Challenge Jackpot of $302

See you next Wednesday for more table tennis! Remember we run this tournament every Wednesday, just make sure to arrive around 6:30 pm