A Quick Guide for Buying a Ping Pong Table

To buy a Ping pong table or table tennis table, you first need one with nice legs! 

Make sure that the ping-pong table you buy has sturdy legs and support – it is probably going to take quite a beating over the next few years and you will need something that can stand up to the rough treatment, especially if you have children.

Another nice feature to look for is levelers on the bottom of the legs. This can be very handy when the floor you are playing on is not even. The levelers can be screwed in and out to keep the height of the table at its standard 76cm (approx 30 inches) above the floor.

You deserve the best!

If you are looking for a ping-pong table to stay with you for the long haul, then we recommend choosing a Joola 3000SC. Used at the USA table tennis Nationals and European Championships, this particular model is dubbed the best in the world. This table has a secret formula known to make the ball bounce back with quality. As a user for several years, we highly encourage you to get the Joola 3000SC.

And where I can get the best price for a pin pong table?

We make a huge research of who has the best price on this Pro table tennis table and the best store is Newport Beach Table Tennis Store, the table will be shipped ready to open it and play right away. You no need to assemble it , the Newport Beach Table Tennis Store will shipped ready to play.

If you would like to test-drive the Joola 3000SC, then come play in our Equal Challenge Tournament Wednesdays in Newport Beach at 7:00pm to see the difference of this table!