Equal Challenge Tournament Managed 76 Table Tennis Matches in One Night

Equal Challenge Tournament Ping Pong Newport Beach

Daniel Sub and Alex Figueroa

Many of you probably wonder how your opponent produces spin in the serve.  There are two answers for that.

The first one is a pro rubber and the second one is practice.  There is not a shortcut to improve your serve.  So our suggestion is that every time you play table tennis, practice your serve for around 15 min.  It will make you a better player

But how do you know if you are serving correctly?   Take a look at the following post to answer this question:  The Right Way to Serve a Ball in Table Tennis

The Equal Challenge at the Newport Beach Table Tennis Club keeps motivating players from all around Orange County to play and challenge their skills.  After all, who doesn’t want to improve and place the ball correctly?

We started last Wednesday night with 16 players, ready to take this challenge and playing at their best level.

With two groups of five players and one group of six players the Equal Challenge Tournament this time managed a total of 76 matches in just three hours.  From each group just the best player advanced to the Final Round Robin.

We want to welcome the new players Eva Ting, Jose Suarez, David Tockgo and Dillon Davis and hopefully you enjoyed the tournament much as we do.  Remember your chance to go to the final is on your way.

Matches of the night

Many great matches in the tournament

  • James Leitner against Kathy Davis, a crucial match with long rallies
  • Alan Hovey against Alex Figueroa, a lot of pressure
  • Cole Sudeck against Daniel Sub, a tight score in each set

Equal Challenge Tournament Final

  • Daniel Sub defeated Doug Jackson 3-0
  • Alex Figueroa defeated Doug Jackson 3-2
  • Alex Figueroa defeated Daniel Sub 3-0

With this result, Alex Figueroa is the New Equal Challenge Champion in Newport Beach Table Tennis Club. Remember our Jackpot is $302 for any player who wins four weeks in a row.

Come next Wednesday to play the Equal Challenge Tournament at 6:30 pm and discover why every week we have more and more players being a part of this event.

Just as a reminder, our First Table Tennis Group Lessons will be on Thursday, July 31.   click here for more details.