New Champions, New Finalists, That Is The Truly Equal Challenge Tournament!

Equal Challenge Tournament Finalist

Kuei Chen and Andre Pasquarelli

Great assistance last Wednesday night to play the Equal Challenge Tournament. The Equal Challenge Tournament is not just a regular tournament, it’s a table tennis tournament to challenge your skills without compromising your level of play.  The goal of this tournament is make all the players give their best so all get the benefit of it. Increase mental skills, learn how to play under pressure and learn how to keep the advantage when you are winning.  Come this Wednesday and meet table tennis players who can tell you more about the Equal Challenge Tournament.

With a participation of twelve players and a golden rule of three matches for each player, this time we made three groups of four players.

Just the winner of each group advanced to the final, and thanks to the Equal Challenge tournament,  we made a round robin final with three players.

Thanks to all the participants!  We know without your help this event would not be possible, and we believe we are the best table tennis tournament in Newport Beach.

We also want to welcome the first timers Nathaniel Kostecka, William Rodas and Amir Reza.  We are sure you enjoyed playing against our Equal Challenge Champions.  Keep up the good work and you will have the chance also to advance and win with your effort.

Special thanks to Tony Kovacs, Tim Stephens and Kuei Chen to help us with the scenario every Wednesday as we really appreciate that.

Match of night

Kuei Chen against Ron Arellano, both of them gave a great show to the expectators, with crazy and long rallies.  Kuie showed a spectacular defense against Ron’s loops.  All the public were engaged.  After the match was over, both of them shook hands showing great sportsmanship.  A great match and we are sure we want to see it again! 

Equal Challenge Tournament Final

  • Kuei Chen
  • Andre Pasquarelli
  • Ron Arellano

Kuei Chen defeated Ron Arellano 3-2

Andre Pasquarelli defeated Ron Arellano 3-0

Kuei Chen defeated Andre Pasquarelli 3-2

As the results show, Kuei Chen is the new Equal Challenge Champion and he is eligible for our Equal Challenge Jackpot.  Wondering what is the total?  Like us on Facebook to check updates on the Jackpot.  We offer $40 for first place and $10 for second place.

See you this Wednesday for more table tennis!