Fred Li got the Equal Challenge Title Last Wednesday

Kuei Chen and Fred Li - Table Tennis Newport Beach

Kuei Chen and Fred L


Last Wednesday, Fred Li from Diamond Bar, CA, a table tennis player who is rated 2300, came to test his skills in the Equal Challenge Tournament.

Every set had strong, fun and challenging competition.  This great group of table tennis players were all looking for one goal – “The Equal Challenge Title of the Week”.

Fred made a very honest comment about the tournament:

“This is perfect training for all kind of levels.  If you are a high rated player, you have to use your best weapons to advance.  And if you are a lower rated player, you will learn a lot from the higher rated players.  Coaches are not able to teach the experiences received in this tournament.”

This week the winner was Fred Li, an attack pen-holder table tennis player with short pips on his paddle.  Fred never gives up.  Seriously, he never gives up!  If you have the opportunity to play with Fred, you will realize right away that he wants to beat you.  Do not think if you are ahead 10-2 that he is going to let you win.

Second place was for Kuei Chen, a player who likes to spin the ball from far off the table, including both top-spin and side-spin shots.  In addition, Kuei has excellent lob shots that causes his opponents to miss.

Tim Stephens came in third.  He is a dedicated table tennis player working to improve his technique and shots…you are almost there Tim!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Equal Challenge Tournament.  We hope to see you this Wednesday at 7:00 pm