Is the Equal Challenge a MUST PLAY Tournament?


Will you be the next Table Tennis Equal Challenge Champion?


It’s a MUST PLAY Tournament, but why?

It’s fun, friendly, and every one has challenge! Not just the player with lower level.

Let all those excuses aside!

You have many reasons to play our Equal Challenge Tournament.

With this tournament you can measure the progress of your table tennis lessons…are you learning properly? How you can measure that? Well, if you come to play you can see if you are really learning with your actual coach.

Trying the Equal Challenge doesn’t hurt!

So if you love table tennis, and you love the challenge, why not try our tournament, our neighbors from the City of Irvine, City of Costa Mesa, City of Laguna Beach are very welcome too

Too old for competition? OMG! You shall see how our table tennis players of 80 years old move and understand the game!

If you like to challenge table tennis players, well this is your chance to even beat them.

And if you win (your chances are there!) your picture will be published on our blog, so you can share with your contacts and tell them you are the KING of table tennis!

Just bring your paddle and your desire to win and fight until the end!

Every week we have different champions, it’s not always the same, check our Hall of Fame Gallery.

What are the mental traits that the Newport Beach Table Tennis community embodies in order to be good at this sport?

  • Competitiveness-Athletes are encouraged to give their all and play at their maximum performance
  • Determination-A greater will to persevere due to increased pressure from tighter matches
  • Endurance-Due to the nature of the sport, semifinalists and winners are chosen through an elimination process
Fix your schedule, we’ll guarantee you a lot of fun!

Easy rules to remember

  1. Show up around 6:30pm so you can stretch and warm up, we’ll be starting at 7:00 PM sharp
  2. Leave your bag in our Locker Rooms
  3. No bags allowed on the game area
Equal Challenge Tournament

Equal Challenge Tournament now for Irvine, Costa Mesa and Laguna Beach