An Equal Challenge Table Tennis Final with Adrenaline!

Ping Pong Newport Beach Final last Wednesday

Kyle Legrand, Alex Figueroa and Kuei Chen

One night was full of surprises and challenging matches.  As a club, we were expecting our friend Tony Kovaks to win the Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot.  In this year he is the only one that got three titles three times in a row.  In our opinion that is very impressive and it is a great record!  Well done Tony and keep up the good work.

We also want to welcome our first time participant Kyle Legrand.

With 13 participants, the Equal Challenge Tournament started with two groups of four players and one group of five players.

From each group the player with the best record advanced to the final round.

Normally a final is a match between two players, but this time, thanks to the Equal Challenge, we had a final of three players, playing each other to see who would become the champion.

Wonder who advanced?  Well, believe it or not, Kyle Legrand, our new friend who joined the Equal Challenge Tournament for the first time and dressing casual, got positive results in playing the final against Quei Chen and Alex Figueroa.  As you can see, all players have the chance to advance.  Don’t even think you are not good to challenge our players.  If you know how to hold a racket you can challenge them.

Our tournament is made for all levels and as soon as you play, you will know why.  Hopefully Kyle can tell you more about it!

Equal Challenge Finals

  • Kuei Chen defeated Kyle Legrand 3-1
  • Alex Figueroa defeated Kyle Legrand 3-0
  • Alex Figueroa defeated Kuei Chen 3-1

Congratulation Alex!  You are the new Equal Challenge Champion and now you are eligible to play our Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot.  Like us on facebook to see how much is the total, for you will be surprised.

Thanks to the NBAC Café for serving us great and healthy food.  The café is open until 8:00 PM.

Come this Wednesday around 6:30 pm to play and challenge our champions.  Who knows, perhaps you will become the next Equal Challenge Champion.

See you this Wednesday for more table tennis!