Ron won the Equal Challenge Championship this week


Ron Arellano and Xuan Liu

Ron Arellano and Xuan Liu

One more week with ton of FUN, great table tennis atmosphere, and unquestionable competition.

The 3 main ingredients of a unique table tennis tournament, the “Equal Challenge”

Last Wednesday was crowd, different levels but all with equal opportunities.

3 new players came to the challenge this Wednesday night

  • Xuan Liu
  • Blake Hayden
  • Benjamin Lightvoet

Benjamin play with a Sandpaper racket surprise many players on Newport Beach, even the old Equal Challenge Champions.

Blake play with a racket very similar to Sandpaper, and he got a great experience playing with so many styles.

The Nicaraguan pen-holder table tennis player Guillermo Morales play against Luis Crescitelli, Blake Hayden, Tim Stephens, and Ron Arellano with a record of 3 victories and 1 lost.

This time the final was a group of 3 players

Roman Machutt, Xuan Liu and Ron Arellano

The first match Roman versus Xuan, with a very tight score in the 5th set…Xuan won 12-10

The second match Roman vs Ron, this time Roman did not play his match for injury.

The Last Equal Challenge Match of the night

Ron Arellano versus Xuan Liu

The pressure of game start from 0-2, in all the sets

Xuan with advantage of 2 points try to win, Xuan with a great counter backhand loop, let Ron stand few times.

Ron notice that, and he change his tactic right away.

At the end Ron won for a minimum difference of 3-2 to Xuan Liu a pen-holder player with short pips on his fore-hand and inverted rubber on his backhand.

“I almost beat Ron, but he got me on the last moment…next time!” Xuan said

Congratulation Ron!

We want to say thanks to everybody to help us with the tables, nets, and even umpiring the matches!

As you know table tennis events will not be the same without an umpire. We want to make sure you play 100% focus on your game.

See you this Wednesday at 7:00 pm!