Equal Challenge Tournament has a New Champion, Kuei Chen!

Kuei Chen and Ryan Louie in Newport Beach Table Tennis Club

Kuei Chen and Ryan Louie after playing the Equal Challenge Tournament Final – Newport Beach, CA

Who was the Equal Challenge Champion last week?

Step by step, the Equal Challenge Tournament is taking a place on the City of Newport Beach, this is not the typical table tennis tournament, this tournament is about real challenge between players with equal opportunities. Wondering how?

Just come by and discover why your chances are shine to win! and remember your rating or level do not matter.

Last Wednesday we got a great table tennis atmosphere with 10 players with different levels, and each table tennis warrior fought with a paddle in hands, I’m not going to say it was easy, all of them got very tight matches and nobody give up. Amazing matches!

This time Kuei Chen was the survivor and champion of the Equal Challenge Tournament playing a final versus Ryan Louie.

Ryan never give up, and even knowing the situation he try his best to attack and win each point. At the end Kuie won with a remarkable score of 3-0.

If you have Facebook account,share this article! and if you are the winner even better! You have a good reason to be proud!

We also would like to welcome to Joe Fabregas, Keith Mueller, Barbara Beck and Ken Okey.

To Congratulate for their efforts!

  • Glen Mcintire has increased his level with excellent results on this Wednesday. Go Glen!
  • Ralph Guillory very tight match with Ryan Louie! Almost Ralph, next time!
  • Luis Crescitelli got a great surprise versus Ken Okey.
  • Tim Stephens keep increasing his level and is developing a good smack forehand, so be careful if you place the ball in that spot!

A big favor to our club

If you are part of this awesome group of table tennis warriors, we would want players to be responsible to take care of the tables. We understand sometimes we are in a middle of a rally and we miss a high ball or a easy ball and like humans we get mad with ourselves, but it’s not the table fault, so please do not scratch or hit the table with you paddle. Remember thanks to the tables we can make this event.

Take care of the table like your own equipment, thanks to our sponsors we got 4 beautiful professional tables and it will hurts us if we loose a table. If you are setting up a table please always do it between 2 persons, for 2 reasons

  1. You can get back problems, in other word injure
  2. The metal frame of the table can bend and the table will be damage

We really appreciate you follow our instructions, we want to make sure you can enjoy table tennis much as we do!

See you on Wednesday for our next Equal Challenge Tournament, if you have not play give us a try!