There Is No Better Equal Challenge Final When Playing With Friends

Newport Beach Table Tennis Club

Tim Stephens and Ken Dewhirst


Table Tennis is a sport made for friendship.

Everywhere you go around the world and you decide to play table tennis, just take your racket and go to any club close to your location and we guarantee you’ll make new friends.  Those friends probably have more experience than you but all of them love table tennis as much as you.

Next time you travel, pack your racket with your luggage and you’ll see what we are talking about.

Wednesdays are made to play the Equal Challenge Tournament at the Newport Beach Table Tennis Club.  If you have a friend or neighbor who loves to play table tennis, invite them for we are sure they will like the Equal Challenge Tournament.  Remember that all levels are welcome with the same opportunity to win first place.

Wondering what happened last Wednesday in the Equal Challenge Tournament?

All great table tennis tournaments are well organized with umpires from the start, not just semifinals or finals and we are very proud to have this.

With a total of eight players in two groups of four people, from each group two players advanced to the semifinals.

Semifinal One

Tim Stephens against Kia Kiani

Our friend Kia Kiani was in the semifinals for the first time and he used all his weapons to get as many points as possible against Tim.  The match finished with a score of 3-0, and as a result, Tim was in the finals.

Semifinal Two

Ken Dewhirst against Nasser Alzakari

In the start seems like Nasser was going to win, he was 2-0, but Ken, like the phoenix, came back and tied the score in sets 2-2.  It was a great match in the 5th set and Nasser was winning 9-7.  Ken came back to 9-9.

  • Match point for Nass 10-9
  • Nass miss a high ball with his forehand
  • Score 10-10
  • Match point for Ken 10-11
  • Ken missed a backhand shot
  • Score 11-11
  • Ken gets a match point 11-12, Nass got nervous and in a rally Ken got the point 11-13 to advance to the finals.
  • Good luck next time Nass, for you were almost there

Final Match

Tim Stephens against Ken Dewhirst

For both players the key was try to keep as much as possible the ball on the table, and that was the fundamental key for Tim, who won with a score of 3-1.

Congratulations Tim!  You are eligible for the Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot of $126.

See you this Wednesday at 7:00 pm for more table tennis.