Newport Beach’s Man of the Moment, Ryan Louie!

Ryan Louie Equal Challenge Champion - Newport Beach, CA

Equal Challenge Champion Ryan Louie—Newport Beach, CA

Irvine’s Ryan Louie collected his first Equal Challenge title of the year in the city of Newport Beach on Friday November 9, 2012.

In a round robin and impressive final start, Louie was up against Costa Mesa’s John Garlock, who wanted to beat the 18-year-old opponent in 3 sets. Alas, Garlock was defeated as Louie took the 3rd set with a tight score and controlled the pressure, wining the tittle 3-2  (11-5, 11-6, 14-16, 12-14, 5-11).

The good news for our players!

After talking with some of our players, we have decided to move the Equal Challenge Tournament to Wednesday! We understand family time is important on Friday and you deserve it!

Every Wednesday we will run our Equal Challenge Tournament, where each week may see a different winner. So far this season, no one has won twice in a row, so it’s anyone’s game! What are you waiting for? Come and play our Equal Challenger Tournament where everybody has a chance to become champion!

This Wednesday we will have more players, such as Rudy Miranda from the Nicaragua National Team.

Like always, we’ll have prize money for 1st and 2nd places and a fift for the 3rd place winner. Remember, Newport Beach Table Tennis Club is the only club with this system, so take advantage while we have only five tournaments left at $8 a session. As we are on test mode with this tournament, we want to send a special thank you to all of our supporters, especially Ernie Louie, Luis Cressitelli and Raphael Farfelan for all their valuable help!

See you on Wednesday TT Players!