A Equal Challenge Champion from Colombia

Equal Challenge Champion

Alex Figueroa and Ken Okey after playing the Equal Challenge Tournament


Nothing we can do about it!

Wednesdays are made to play table tennis in Newport Beach Table Tennis Club and you are missing.

The Equal Challenge Tournament host players from Seal Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, West Hollywood and Guangzhou (China). Wondering why they are visiting us? Well, our players find a fair competition between all of them.

If you did not have the time to come, don’t worry! Next Wednesday we’ll have more FUN for you! Just make sure to come around 6:45 PM.

Challenge for all!

A very competitive group of 4 was Minh Lu, Ken Dewhirst, Luis Borges and Luis Crescitelli.

Best Match of the night!

We found a great performance on the following matches:

  • Tom Bazacas versus Tim Stephens
  • Luis Borges versus Luis Crescitelli
  • Danny Moreno versus Luis Crescitelli
  • Ron Arellano versus Alex Figueroa

If you play last Wednesday, what match you think was the best for your opinion? Feel FREE to comment we belong to table tennis world!

Semi Finals

  1. Ken Okey versus Minh Lu

Ken surprise Minh with his lobbing game and backhand smash. Minh a fast player was not expecting the ball coming back after smashing 2 times in the road the ball, but Ken return more of 2 times the ball, and sometimes finishing with a smack backhand from far.

Ken won the match 3-2.

Tim Stephens versus Alex Figueroa

Tim beat everybody taking the first position on his group. “Great work Tim!”

This game Tim found some problems on his reception, Alex take advantage of his table tennis serve skills to win some points.

Alex won the match 3-0.


Ken Okey versus Alex Figueroa

Umpire: Luis Borges

This final was very challenge for both of them, because Ken already play with Alex on the groups. So Ken knew already how Alex play.

The Equal Challenge Tournament you never know who is going to win, can you predict?

You cannot relax in a final, even if you are wining 10-1. I think this time Ken discover why.

Sadly Ken loose one set with a score of 10-1, Alex little by little earn his points until the 10-10, at the end of the set won Alex 12-10. Ken Okey did not believe this, we are sure he was wondering “How this happen?”

Alex take advantage of that set and he boost his game ending with a score of 3-1.

Alex Figueroa is the Last Wednesday Champion of the Equal Challenge Tournament

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