Ecuadorian got 2 times in a row the table tennis Equal Challenge tittle

Newport Beach Ping Pong Champions

Ron Arellano and Tong Yu after the Equal Challenge Tournament in Newport Beach


Several matches with different results was what it happened last Wednesday, all our table tennis players found FUN and FAIR the Equal Challenge Tournament, it’s a real challenge for all kind of levels.

Work hard and play hard that’s what people say, and if you do, so why cannot you be the champion?

When you start the match you must find the weakness of your opponent as fast as possible, mistakes happen, but every point must be a new fresh start.

Oh my God!!! We miss the high ball! How many times has this happened?

We go to the table to serve and we are still thinking in what just happened in The last point “The high ball”

This is one of the most common mistakes beginner players does, and the right way to think different is “1 point is a new start”, that’s it. Give yourself a good opportunity and you’ll see a big change on your match.

Last Wednesday the Equal Challenge champion was Ron Arellano

Challenge is always good practice, if not ask Ken Dewhirst, a table tennis player who fight until the end.

Tim Stephens a table tennis player who has worked hard to improve technique and apply it into the matches.

Ronald Yu with great technique and strong shots.

Glenn Mcintire great control on his backhand, and I’m sure with his new racket will do better!

All of them until now have worked hard and are looking for new challenge to come

Remember this Wednesday we’ll be playing the Equal Challenge Tournament at 7:00pm