Cesar Beraún First Champion 2013 of the Equal Challenge Tournament!

Cesar Beraún First Champion 2012

Cesar Beraún First Champion 2012


Play the Equal Challenge Tournament, not just will increase your level, it will increase the desire to win and get more focus since the start. We hear great comments about this Tournament and we hope we can count with you in a near future.

The first Champion 2013 of our first Equal Challenge Tournament last Wednesday was Cesar Beraún, the Peruvian warrior, who start fighting since the first minute, he almost loose with Glenn Mcintire, a very tight match!

Other interesting and tight match was Ryan Louie versus Luis Crescitelli, both of them with the same desire to win, and this match little by little is becoming the Newport Beach Table Tennis Classic Match…until the last point they continue fighting.

1st place – Cesar Beraún

2nd place –  Luis Crescitelli

3rd place – Ryan Louie

Congratulation Cesar!

Our next Equal Challenge Tournament will be this Wednesday at 6:30pm, and you’ll play every match with tight scores, the only secret to win its train, it’s nothing to hide…this means only the best player will be the Champion!

Every player has a different style, and as you know some styles are weak with your style, come and try our Tournament we are sure you felt in love with our system.

See you this Wednesday TT Players!