Carmen Vajdi from Iran Got Her First Equal Challenge Title

Ping Pong Newport Beach

Kuei Chen, Carmen Vajdi and Tony Kovacs

A blast night last Wednesday at the Newport Beach Table Tennis Club with the weekly Equal Challenge Tournament.  Every week we have new players ready to compete and take the challenge of playing table tennis.

We want to welcome  Carmen Vajdi, Barry Lieberman, Chris Sample and Patricia Baxted and hopefully we’ll see you this Wednesday for more table tennis.

With 13 registered players the Equal Challenge Tournament started with three groups, and just the best of each group advanced to the final, which was a round robin of three players just like last week.

The game of the night was between Kia Kiani and Keyla Arellano, both of them giving their best starting from the serve.  Congratulations to both of you!  Great rallies as you caught the attention of all.

Equal Challenge Final

After the groups finished the final round was between Tony Kovacs, Kuei Chen and Carmen Vajdi.  All the matches were amazing!

  • Carmen defeated Tony (3-2) and they took the applause from the public that night
  • Kuei defeated Tony (3-1)
  • Carmen defeated Kuie (3-1)

Congratulations Carmen Vajdi!  You become our new Equal Challenge Champion and now you are eligible to play our Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot.  Are you wondering what is the amount?  Like us on Facebook and see how much we have for this week.

Rudy Miranda will be visiting us tomorrow to play the Equal Challenge tournament, he is a National Member of the Nicaraguan Team and you are welcome to challenge him.

Can Rudy Miranda win the Equal Challenge Tournament playing against our lasts Champions?

See you this Wednesday for more fun playing table tennis!