Amazing Table Tennis Tournament Last Wednesday in Newport Beach Table Tennis Club

Newport Beach Ping Pong Tournament

Doug Jackson and Franco De Flaviis

With a participation of 15 players the tournament was a blast! Amazing rallies, unexpected results and always keeping the cool environment that just Newport Beach Table Tennis Club can offer.

If you miss the last tournament this Wednesday is your chance to come over and challenge our champions. You’ll be not disappointed we are the largest table tennis tournament in Newport Beach. Don’t stay on the couch watching TV, come and make some exercise for your brain and your body, let’s keep our body healthy as possible.

We start with three groups of five players, of each group will advance two to the single elimination bracket

One more time thanks to all for your collaboration,you make this tournament one of the best

Match if the night

Welcome aboard Marcello Perez, you make an awesome match again John Carpenter with a positive result of 3-2

We have a brand new Equal Challenge Champion! Congratulations Franco! You are now eligible to play our Equal Challenge Jackpot, wondering what is the total? Like Us on Facebook Can Franco keep his Equal Challenge Title for this week?

Ready for this Wednesday? Make sure to arrive around 6:30 PM so you can warm up and be ready, if you didn’t have the chance to eat, no problem. We have the NBAC Café at your orders, they server delicious food.

See you this Wednesday for more table tennis!