Alex Benbrahim Won The Equal Challenge Tournament With A Particular Defensive Style

Equal Challenge Tournament - Newport Beach

Alex Benbrahim and Ron ArellanoA

Considering the style of game of our opponent is just one more step to improve our game. We have to understand that we cannot play the same style of game for all our opponents. Every game you must play different, so you don’t become the typical predictable player. An unpredictable player has better chances to win a match, it’s difficult to read what are you going to do.

A night full of exciting table tennis matches last Wednesday on the Equal Challenge Tournament.

Match of the night

Beng Loh against Ron Arellano, it was a complete battle on table #3, Ron was 2-0 down, and from nowhere he came back to make it 2-2. At the end Ron figure out how to play against Beng. and the next match will not be easy at all! Great match after all!

Equal Challenge Tournament Semifinals

Ron Arellano defeated Ivan Dueñas 3-2

Alex Benbrahim defeated Deng Loh 3-1

Equal Challenge Tournament Final Match

Alex Benbrahim defeated Ron Arellano 3-1

Congratulations Alex!

See you this Wednesday at 6:30 pm for more table tennis! Also don’t forgot about our intermedia table tennis group lessons every Wednesday at 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm!