A New Equal Challenge Champion Last Week!

Equal Challenge Tournament Finalists

Unan Malloof and Ken Dewhirst


As we have been promoting, the Equal Challenge Tournament has new champions week by week. Wondering how this happened?  Come, read the rules, play and be ready for table tennis matches with real challenges.

Did you know also the Equal Challenge is the only tournament in the USA that has umpires from the first match, so you can focus 100% on your match. We know you’ll be able to advance if you focus on the first points.

Last week came one new player from Los Angeles, two new players from Newport Beach and three new players from Irvine to try their skills. A total of 10 players played, all with an equal chance to advance to the next round.

We want to welcome:

  • Unam Maloof
  • Chandra Kuppala
  • Dan Zahn
  • Parth Shah
  • Gyanesh Billakanti
  • Eric Crisp

We hope you enjoyed our tournament and we look forward to seeing you next Wednesday at 7:00 pm for more table tennis challenges.

Who won the Equal Challenge last Wednesday?

First semifinal – Ken Dewhirst defetat Tim Stephens with a score of (3-0)

Second semifinal – Unan Maloof defeat Gyanesh Billakanti (3-0)

Final Match

With a looper style Unan Maloof defeated Ken Dewhirst (3-0), so Unam became the new Equal Challenge Champion of the week.

See you next week for more table tennis matches with equal opportunities for everyone.