8 Year Old Girl Played The Equal Challenge Final Last Week

Rudy Miranda and Keyla Arellano playing the Equal Challenge in Newport Beach

Rudy Miranda and Keyla Arellano

For a kid everything starts with a desire to learn how to hit the ball with their forehand to challenge the adults.  Table tennis is one of the sports that anyone at any age can play, so don’t be surprised if in your group you have to play with a girl 8 years old!

The kids love to win!  They have fun, they do not over think and they are always ready to learn more tricks.  No matter how they do during the game, they always keep a clean and shiny smile and that was the case last week with Keyla Arellano.

With a participation of ten players the tournament had two groups of five people, and just the best two of each group advanced to the single elimination bracket.

Match of the night

Kuei Chen was inspired, looping with forehand and backhand against Rudy Miranda. We got spectacular rallies between these players.  At the end Kuei won the match with a score of 3-2

Equal Challenge Semi Finals

Keyla Arellano defeated Kuei Chen (3-2)

Rudy Miranda defeated Daniel Sub (3-0)

Equal Challenge Final

All those present were very curious to see Keyla’s match against Rudy Miranda.  Keyla played great rally shots against Rudy, as her forehand has been improving a lot.  She felt more confident and this match was not the exception as she hit many forehands making Rudy run for the ball side to side.

Keyla was very happy because for her, this was the first tme she was in the final.  She fought until the end and if for any reason you have to play against her, keep in mind she will try hard to win that game from you.

At the end, the experience of our friend and coach Rudy Miranda defeated Keyla Arellano with a score of 3-0.

Congratulations to both of you, and all those present really enjoy this final.

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