2 times in a row Ron got the Equal Challenge title

Ron Arellano and

Ron Arellano and Kuei Chen


The Equal Challenge is the only tournament where any table tennis player can practice his skills and game tactic under pressure.

Last Wednesday was so much FUN.  Our tournament challenged many people of different levels and always in a very friendly environment.

If you have not participated yet, I would like to invite you to take a moment to join us and see the difference.

From my experience in this tournament, even if my opponent is already on 10, I tell myself “I’ll fight until the end”.

With this I don’t have a victory by sure, but the more times that I do it, mentally the I stronger I become.

Awesome Matches!

The games between Ken Okey, Kuei Chen and Luis Crescitelli are very tight games most of the time.

These three table tennis players know each other well enough to watch which tactic they use to win.

This time the turn was for Ron Arellano, 2 times in a row to become Champion.  It was nothing easy at all.

Difficult matches

Tim Stephens vs Ron Arellano (2-3)

Ken Okey vs Ron Arellano (2-3)

Luis Crescitelli vs Ron Arellano (2-3)

Kuei Chen vs Ron Arellano (2-3)

Congratulations Ron and Kuie! Finalists on the Equal Challenge Tournament