Don’t be late! Don’t be disappointing anymore for a tournament where just the high rated player wins, you are welcome to participate this Wednesday at 7:00 pm

Because you are coming you are already part of the New Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot.

The money prize will increase week by week, so keep an eye on it, as you know all the players have an equal chance to became champions.

For This Week

Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot

What I have to do to win the Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot?

We have just one rule to follow

Come, play, compete and win! Any player who wins the Equal Challenge Tournament four times in a row will be the winner of our Jackpot, in addition to the weekly Prize money.

Did somebody already win 4 times in a row?

The answer is YES!

Keep playing, training and participating…the more times you play more chances you have!