We consider this one of the most important aspects of round Robin type tournaments, since the criteria for establishing equal challenge in a tournament should procure equality and not favor the advanced player or the novice. Differences between levels of play among players are continually subjected to constant changes so the system that is used should incorporate this dynamic. We are aware that the difference between one player and another in table tennis is subjective and specific, even between players of the same category or classification, and since each match is different it requires its own ‘leveling out.’ For this reason we established the following system of adaptive equal challenge for the Tournament:

1. The system is equal to that amount of points with which a player will automatically begin each set played in the Tournament.

2. Each person who has signed up for the Tournament for the first time will receive an initial handicap according to the rating obtained from the USATT:

  • i. If a player is over the age of sixty (60) or will turn 60 in the current year, said player will receive TWO (2) points and will be classified as a “senior”.

  • ii. If a player is under the age of ten (10) or has turned 10 in the current year, said player will receive TWO (2) points and will be classified as a “junior”.

  • iii. Players not classified as ‘senior’ or ‘junior’ will receive no points.

3. Age shall be verified with an original identification document. In the event that a participant does not have an original identification document at the time of the competition, said person cannot be classified as a ‘senior’ or a ‘junior.’

4. The identification document shall only be furnished to the Tournament Coordinator once.

5. Classification is taken into account exclusively when two players face off for the first time during the Tournament.

6. No advantages will exist between players of the same category who have not faced off in a previous Tournament.

7. The advantages between two players shall be adapted each time they conclude a match of the Equal Challenge Tournament.

8. The first match between two players will modify the advantage of said match by TWO (2) points in favor of the loser.

9. If a player classified as ‘senior’ or ‘junior’ obtains the first win, said player’s handicap will be reduced by TWO (2) points, meaning that in the next matchup there will be no advantage between them.

10. After the first matchup between two players, a personalized Player History will be generated which shall be used to track the dates of the matches they have played.

11. Upon completion of a match between players with a Player History, the advantage will vary as follows:

  • i. If in the Player History there are no recorded wins for the player who has just lost the match, the advantage will increase by TWO (2) points in favor of the player who has lost all of the matches between them.

  • ii. If in the Player History there is at least ONE (1) recorded win for the player who just lost the match, the advantage will vary by ONE (1) point in favor of the loser (the variation will be done per Numbers 12 and 13).

 12. In each matchup at least one player will begin with a advantage of ZERO (0) points.

13. The maximum advantage that can favor a player is EIGHT (8) points.

14. The advantages are not negotiable nor are they determined by an accord between the players.

15. The Tournament Coordinator has the obligation to advise prior to each match as to the advantage that exists between the players who are to face off.

16. It is the responsibility of the players who are facing off to play the game with the corresponding advantage for the match. Failure to do so does not imply that the Tournament Coordinator or Newport Beach Table Tennis will adjust the advantage in any way different from that set forth in the rules herein.

17. In the event that a player refuses to comply with the advantages designated for that match, the Tournament Coordinator may declare it as a loss for that player who refused to abide by the advantages.

18. The Player History of a player will only be erased if said player does not participate in TWENTY FIVE (25) consecutive tournaments or more.

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