Newport Beach Senior Table Tennis Classes

Newport Beach Senior Table Tennis Classes

Our Senior Table Tennis Classes embraces, and is primarily designed to accommodate beginners, intermediate, and advanced senior players of all skill levels. It is a breakthrough in skilled instruction and communication through the development of a complete learning progression. The Senior Table Tennis Classes will perform basic skills successfully and prepare to acquire more advanced skills readily.

The Senior Table Tennis Classes in Newport Beach is intended to help seniors make the most of their abilities whatever the age or skill level is.

You may find some steps quite easy and some hard, but all will help you in some way.

The techniques our sport team teach are not the final working table tennis because there are always differences of opinion even among coaches. However, the steps we teach have an unbelievably high rating and are a highly successful set of techniques.

The uniqueness of our senior table tennis classes is the way I communicate with those that train with us.

Our coaching program will consist of the following  steps to success that will cover all levels of play from beginner to advance.

  • Grip and racket control
  • Spin and racket angles
  • Ready Stance – forehand and backhand drives
  • Beginning serves – getting the initiative
  • Positioning & footwork – how to move the ball
  • Pushing: your basic backspin shot
  • Blocking: close to the table defense
  • Looping: topspin attacking
  • Flipping: how to attack short balls
  • Chopping: backspin defense
  • Lobbing: how to return smashes
  • Advanced serves: really taking the initiative
  • Playing styles and rallying tactics
  •  Advanced service receiving strategy
  • The physical and mental game


Non-Members: $90 per 90 minutes

Club Members: $75 per 90 minutes