Come This Wednesday To Play The Equal Challenge Tournament @7:00 pm

It aims to give all table tennis players the possibility of reaching victory through a Systematic Method.

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Add SPIN to your game!

All our rubber are 100% approve by Newport Beach Table Tennis Sport Team

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Equal Challenge Tournament

A complete different way to compete, it doesn't matter your lever or rating...more often you come! More chances you have to be the Champion!

Table Tennis Group Classes

Our group classes are perfect for players of all ages and levels looking to learn more about the art of table tennis in Newport Beach area.

Table Tennis Private Classes

Our private classes are open to all ages and are a great alternative for those looking to have one-on-one attention.

Newport Beach Table Tennis Classes for Kids

Instilling an enjoyment of exercise in children is the key to ensuring a lifetime of good health.

In my life I tried different sports, and I have never been realize how much fun and healthy can be train Table Tennis. Newport Beach Table Tennis has a great facility, the sport team is so friendly with family atmosphere. If you think Table Tennis is not workout, you´ll get a big surprise as me.