Newport Beach Table Tennis Club versus USC

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USC versus Newport Beach Table Tennis

USC versus Newport Beach Table Tennis


Our table tennis team visit Spin Standard LA this week to play the LATTF League, as you know Newport Beach Table Tennis play on the first division, and this time we bring the first positive result from our visit.

USC lost to Newport Beach TTC 2-3

Kevin Li defeated Mohammed Baddar 3-1 (7, 9, -10, 6)

Adam Bobrow lost to Rodrigo Tapia 0-3 (9, 7, 1)

Adam Bobrow/Kevin Li lost to Ronald Arellano/Rodrigo Tapia 0-3 (9, 9, 10)

Kevin Li lost to Rodrigo Tapia 0-3 (4, 8, 7)

Adam Bobrow defeated Mohammed Baddar 3-0 (11, 1, 9)

Tuesday June 4

Newport Beach we’ll be playing versus the champions of last Season LATTA, so you are more that welcome to come and watch awesome matches, the match start 8:30 pm

Bring your family and friends, it will be real table tennis!

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