• Ken Okey Recovers His Equal Challenge Title

    Posted on May 21, 2013 by in Club News
    Equal Challenge Table Tennis Tournament

    Ron Arellano and Ken Okey


    To become the Equal Challenge Champion is not the only goal at the Newport Beach Table Tennis Club. Every player has a personal goal during the tournament to win the match that he lost last week.  In addition, this personal goal may also include working on a specific tactic or on a specific shot.

    The more times one plays, the more opportunities one has to reach his goal.  Keep in mind that every match has a level of difficulty.  It could be for the advantage you receive or for the advantage you give.

    We wish to say thanks to Teddy Tong from Torrance to be a part of the Equal Challenge Tournament, and we hope Teddy that you can come and visit us again.

    Match of the Day

    Luis Crescitelli versus Ken Okey

    Luis and Ken are good friends and they know one other very well in table tennis matches. In this particular match, the tactic is the key.  Neither of them have any shots to hide, and whoever places the ball far from the other will win the point and eventually will win the match.

    This time the winner was Luis Crescitelli.   After the match was over, Luis and Ken showed good sportsmanship by shaking hands and smiling, knowing that each played his best.

    But even that loss did not keep Ken from becoming the Equal Challenge Champion of the week.

    Congratulations Ken!

    Great News!

    Jun 5th will be the day where a National Table Tennis player from Ecuador will come to visit us and play the Equal Challenge Tournament.  Do you think we have a chance to beat him?