• JOOLA Phenix Rubber MAX is here!

    Posted on February 10, 2013 by in Club News
    Newport Beach Table Tennis Equipment

    Joola Phenix – Newport Beach Table Tennis Equipment


    Professional equipment is helpful to produce quality spin, Newport Beach Table Tennis Club bring to you table tennis equipment with latest technology directly from Japan, the Joola Phenix!  This rubber with built-in speed glue effect and medium-hard sponge.

    This rubber rewards strong aggressive play with full swings. It has a good linear response to all gears, with no surprises at low or high speeds, but it really shines when a full blooded stroke is made.

    JOOLA Phenix blocks very well, you can generate power blocks, it performs just fine, providing plenty of control without being too jumpy on contact.

    It’s a great rubber for all sorts of looping – against chop, block, or loop. It actually does a decent slow loop with very heavy spin.

    Newport Beach Table Tennis Club bring 25 last week and we have just 8 rubbers left now!

    Sponge – medium hard, very elastic
    Strategy – ALL/OFF extreme
    Speed – extreme
    Spin – extra high
    Control – high
    Hardness – 44°
    Pimples / Pips – In

    Price: $56

    Hurry, before we run out! Contact us now!

    Price do not include shipping