• Dan Zahn Achieved His First Equal Challenge Title

    Posted on October 13, 2013 by in Club News
    Equal Challenge Finalist in Newport Beach Table Tennis Club

    Dan Zahn and Ron Arellano


    Playing just for fun at the office or the garage with your friends doesn’t mean you have low level table tennis skills to play in our tournament.

    If you can hit the ball with a racket, that is all you need!  The Equal Challenge Tournament gives beginning players a unique advantage against their more experienced competitors.  Our custom point system allows beginners to advance confidently in the sport of table tennis, while at the same time giving seasoned pros the opportunity to flex their skills.  This is an excellent and unique method for new students to gauge their aptitude, build confidence and focus on progress.

    Our new Golden Rule of at least three matches in our tournament ensures you play table tennis that allows you to challenge your skills from the very first set.

    The benefit of playing the new Golden Rule is that we finish the tournament in record time, so you don’t have to stay late to play anymore.  Last Wednesday we started at 7:00 pm and we finished the tournament by 9:20 pm with three amazing matches.

    We want to welcome Hamid Jafarkhani from the City of Irvine and we hope you enjoyed the Equal Challenge Tournament and remember that next time you’ll have more chances.

    Intense Table Tennis Match to Watch

    Mahdi Hajiaghayi, a Canadian player with a rating around 2100, got a great match against Dan Zahn, who participated for the second time in the Equal Challenge Tournament.

    Madhi was surprised by the way Dan blocked his topspins with his anti-rubber paddle.  At the end Dan defeated Mahdi 3-2.

    Equal Challenge Semi Finals

    Table #1

    Hamid Jafarkhani from Irvine played against Dan Zhan from Newport Beach with a final result of 3-2.  Dan advanced to the final.

    Table #3

    Ron Arellano defeated  Mahdi Hajiaghayi 3-0.  Both players have a very similar level of skill, but this time Ron advanced to the final.

    Equal Challenge Final

    Table #2

    Dan Zahn versus Ron Arellano.

    Dan was focused right from the start to get the necessary points to take the advantage, and he did it very well in winning the first set.  In the second set Ron was focused in making his best serves to take advantage and he did as well.  The score was 1-1.

    For the 3rd set Dan blocked amazing topspin attacks and caused mistakes by Ron, and with this Dan took the 3rd set.

    For the 4th set Ron start playing more aggressively, and as a result he won the 4th set.

    The score was now 2-2 and it was difficult to say who would win the Equal Challenge Tournament.  This is the main purpose of this Tournament that creates tight and challenging matches like this final.

    In the 5th set, Ron started looping with his forehand but Dan was ready to block it.  The match was a combination of loops, smashes and underspin balls.  At the end, with great confidence, Dan attacked and got a positive result against Ron.

    Dan Zahn achieved his first Equal Challenge Title and is now eligible to participate in the Equal Challenge Progressive Jackpot.

    This week the Progressive Equal Challenge Jackpot increased to $102.

    Can Dan Zahn win the Equal Challenge Tournament for a second time?  Come and play against our latest champion.

    See you this Wednesday at 7:00 pm.  If you are running late, please text us in order to ensure your space to play.  After 7:00 pm, we cannot accommodate you.

  • Buck Knuckler

    Dan Zahn is an aging has-been, well past his prime. He’s headstrong and cocky and susceptible to mind games, mostly in the form of flattery. I don’t know how he advanced this far in the Equal Challenge, but it’s surely a fluke. Put your money on the other guy and you’ll go home a richer man.

    • Bold Friend

      Dan freaking Zahn. Good at table tennis, eating peanut butter and jelly, and pretending like he has something deep to say and just farting instead. Love that guy.